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If you’re in need of a website overhaul or something brand new, Virtual Assets can make your ideas come to life.

We offer full customization of single or multi-page websites, integration with your Social Media accounts, SEO optimization, responsive and mobile-friendly design, e-commerce, and so much more.

Each website is unique, so please reach out to us for a customized quote.

But hey, we hate shopping around online and not seeing any prices, so for your own sanity – our base price is $950 and we’ve broken down that package for you below..

Basic Web Design Package

Single Page Website

Single page websites are quite popular right now. All of the information is found by scrolling down, more and more. However, you can link to certain sections of the page and still have an available menu at the top of your site as well as Call to Actions, opt ins and a functional contact form. It’s a very sleek design that saves both time and money.

The Basic Web Design Package includes up to 5 sections of content (for example: Landing, Services, Rates, About and Contact).

Email & Social Media Integration

We’ll make sure that any email addresses submitted via your website are collected properly by your email marketing platform or other CRM. We’ll also be sure your visitors are able to click over to your profiles on their favourite Social Media platforms. Want a pop up offering a freebie in exchange for the reader’s email address? You got it!

One designed opt-in included, anywhere on site as well as proper integration with email and social media accounts.


SEO & Analytics Integration

We’ll make sure your website is optimized with your keywords throughout the copy as well as using the popular Yoast plugin. Web snippets will grab attention and gain clicks into your website. Start monitoring your Traffic and Conversions, as we’ll make sure Google Analytics is integrated properly to monitor your website’s stats.

Includes an on-page SEO boost using Yoast Plugin as well as media SEO. Also includes optional setup of Google Analytics and API insertion.

Mobile Friendly Design

Once your website is complete and approved, we’ll return to the backend of our designing platform and ensure that every mobile user accessing your website sees it in all its beauty. No overflow lines or breaks, too-big headers, poorly cropped images or any of that funny stuff. Crisp, clean and professional for mobiles and tablets.

Basic mobile and tablet edits to ensure fonts, images and opt-ins appear properly when viewed on mobile devices.

More Info

With the exception of e-commerce, all of our web design packages are offered as one week turnaround time. Because of this business model, the client must provide all copy, keywords and any media for the website. Client will be sent a template to complete with all proper information in addition to formatting. This must be provided by the client 14 days before the project start date.

For more information on our processes, please reach out for a free consultation. We’d love to tell you about how we’re breaking molds and offering faster turnaround times with fewer time consuming meetings, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your business while we work on your website.

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