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Sometimes having website related tech issues can be extremely difficult and time consuming to take care of. Those larger web hosting companies can take a long time to get back to your support ticket, only to ask more questions that they really should have the answer to if they’d just look at your account.

At Virtual Assets, we get to know each of our clients as well as their businesses. This allows us to remain preventative, resolve problems faster and there’s less back and forth when you’re not dealing with multiple agents having to explain your issues over and over again.

We also offer remote desktop support, so you can stop pulling your hair out when your computer applications are driving you up the wall.

Let Virtual Assets be your tech support and maintenance master.

Our Hosting Services

Secure, Reliable, Fast, Eco-friendly, Canadian. Everything you want in a web host.

Safe & Secure

Our data centres are Canadian based, which means they are PIPEDA compliant. This ensures your data is protected by Canadian law, much less intrusive than the Patriot Act in the US.

Powered by cPanel

The world’s best control panel. Includes 1-click installs through Softaculous with over 300 apps and built in security features.

Dedicated Support

Get to know your tech support as they get to know you and your business. Faster issue resolution and more hands-on support that you can’t find with larger companies.

Secure Backups

We run automatic, daily, off-server backups with 14 days retention, allowing you to quickly recover from errors.

Web Hosting Plans & Pricing

*Unlimited Disk Space Рapplicable to all accounts, within reason. Unnecessary, old and outdated files, plugins and other data no longer in use should be purged from your website on a yearly basis. Virtual Assets offers this service within our add-on maintenance packages. If you choose to maintain your own website, Virtual Assets has the right to temporarily suspend your account if unnecessary space is being used and negatively affecting our other clients and our servers.

**In order to ensure our servers are as secure as possible from potential attacks, we require WordPress updates to be performed a minimum of once per month. If you do not have someone who can perform these updates for you, Virtual Assets offers add-on maintenance packages for your hosting bundle. Subscribing to a package means that Virtual Assets will perform all WordPress backups and updates, including all plugins and themes on a weekly basis. If you do not subscribe to a package and your WordPress site is not updated within a reasonable time, you will be billed an additional $35/mo for the updates to be performed by our team.

Remote Support

We’ll help with the glitches of modern tech.

Virtual Assets can remote into your PC to install or troubleshoot software, perform backups and system checks, check connectivity issues, and fix almost anything.

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