Online Presence

Can your customers find you online? If not, they may be bringing their business elsewhere.

Having an online presence will significantly expand your network and reach. Being on multiple platforms at once will expand it even more, with each platform catering to a specific target audience.

This is where a website and integrated social media is crucial. The key to growing your audience is consistent and engaging content, and it’s what helps to build your brand. Whether you want to keep it ultra professional or throw in some sass like the famous red-headed fast food chain is up to you.

Hiring Virtual Assets to maintain your Social Media or to help with strategy is going to save you time, while engaging your audience even more.

How we can help


Copy Writing

Your copy is what grabs the attention of your readers and turns them into paying clients. It’s all about sales. Virtual Assets can help with copy for landing pages, blogs, advertisements and so much more.

Copy Editing

If you’re confident in your copy writing skills but would love an extra set of eyes for proofreading, fact and source checking and minor tweaks, a copy editor is exactly who you need on your side.

Search Engine Optimization & Analytics


If you’re looking to show up in Google searches, you need to have a great SEO game. SEO evolves with your business, so it’s important to stay on top of it and make tweaks every now and then. We’ve got excellent tools to help you reach the top.


Google Analytics is an amazing and (mostly) free resource that every business should absolutely tap into. Unfortunately, it can be very complex and the reports aren’t exactly easy to read. Let Virtual Assets decode your stats into easy to understand data.

Social Media


Whether you’re looking to grow your Facebook business page audience or group members, or just looking to engage more with your existing fan base, Virtual Assets can help.


Pinterest is constantly evolving and growing, and it has one of the best audiences, as it spans nearly every single target market out there. Virtual Assets keeps up with the trends and changes so you don’t have to.


When it comes to Social Media for business, not many think of Snapchat as a viable platform. Virtual Assets knows that’s not the case. If your target audience uses this app, you’ll want to be making appearances there.


YouTube is by far the most popular platform for video tutorials, vlogs and other interesting information you love to share. Whether you’re looking to utilize some unfamiliar tools provided by the platform, or build your audience, Virtual Assets can accomplish this.


Instagram can be a tricky platform to navigate, with tons of ‘secret’ rules that need to be followed in order to be successful. Our Social Media experts have the experience and know-how to make it happen.


Despite what many think, Twitter is not a lost cause. There are still a great deal of audiences using this platform regularly. Let us tap into that treasure trove for you, who knows what kind of business relationships might come of it.


LinkedIn has become one of the most valuable tools for online entrepreneurs. But it’s not an easy platform to maintain, as this one requires special attention and some great content to really catch the eye of headhunters and shoppers alike.


Another quickly evolving video platform is Vimeo. It offers many of the same options as other popular platforms, but also includes some really useful tools for videos you’d prefer to keep private, such as group coaching or training.

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